Here at Crown Cycles we stock a range of Storck bicycles.

In 1995 Storck bicycles was founded by Marcus Storck. Since 1995 Storck has been developing innovative ground breaking and timeless bicycles and products which have won numerous tests and design awards.

Aerfast Pro
Cycling plus /
8/10: A uniquely cultured ride that's smooth as silk but still as fast as lightning

The Aerfast comes in three models: Comp, Pro and the top end Platinum. They all come out of the same mould but use different grades of carbon, which is why the Platinum frame is 260g lighter than the Comp.

The Aerfast manages to encapsulate all-out, high-speed performance with comfort.

Aernario Disc -   Cycling Weekly 9/10 - "When it comes to stiffness, The Aernario really is a great machine.... Stiff enough to transfer power well and yet doesn't beat the rider over every road imperfection"

Storck Aernario Platinum -
"The Storck Aernario Platinum is an astonishingly good bike. Light, stiff, comfortable - it's all of them. If only the best will do, this could be the bike for you."

The Storck Bicycles ethos is that Storck bikes must match the individuality of their owners. This is why you can configure your own personal dream bike and truly experience the fascination of owning a Storck.

Come visit us at Crown Cycles and see how we can design and build your dream bicycle or visit the bike builder at Storck Bicycles